Published by John Murray Press (part of Hodder & Stoughton), August 2018  
By Sophie Devonshire


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Leaders need to move at speed.

It's time to learn how to lead innovatively, decisively and with impact in a world which is changing fast and presenting new opportunities at every turn.

Providing practical solutions to leadership questions with a real focus on contemporary challenges, innovations and problems, Superfast is a shortcut to organisational progress and personal success.

You'll learn:

  • inspirational approaches to leading and innovating
  • when to slow down and take more time to get things right
  • how to use time smartly to achieve the most impact as efficiently as possible
  • how to make decisions that unlock leadership growth
  • how to balance a sense of purpose with a need for pace

Stop waiting around. Make sure your leadership is quick, smart and makes change happen.

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Sophie Devonshire

Yes absolutely @brucemtague - could not agree more. Velocity = speed in the right direction. Know where you want to go (or need to go) before moving fast. Thanks for sharing! #superfastthebook…